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Adjustable Paracord Gun Rifle Sling with HK Snap Hooks

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    Adjustable Paracord Gun Rifle Sling with HK Snap Hooks

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    one point rifle sling
    Adjustable Paracord Gun Rifle Sling with HK Snap Hooks
    Paracord Cobra Bracelet-Paracord Survival Gear
    Paracord Dragons Tongue Bracelet-Paracord Extreme Weave
    Paracord King Cobra Bracelet-Paracord Mini Weave
    Paracord Monkey Fist Lanyard-Paracord Dog Leash


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one point rifle sling
Paracord Cobra Bracelet-Paracord Survival Gear
For sale is one of these wonderful, one of a kind, custom adjustable (from 36" - 43") hand made survivalist gun slings made from approximately 65 feet of high quality 7 strand type III 550 paracord (parachute cord) and 2 feet of 3000lbs breaking strength nylon webbing. You can choose any two colors or one solid color for your sling. These slings are very attractive and will enhance the look of any gun. They are also reversible, as you can see in the pictures, so either color you choose can go on the outside. They are right at 1 3/8" wide with hk snap hooks. These are by far some of the strongest slings you will ever come accross and It will most likely outlast any gun you put it on. It is also a great survival tool for those who hunt in places where they might get in a pinch and have to depend on themselves for survival. This sling can be untied (but will not on its own) to make use of its paracord. If you are not familiar with paracord I will tell you it is some of the greatest stuff ever made. With a million uses, tourniquets, shelters, splints, gurneys, game haulers, crude weaponry, traps, fishing string (with inside strands), rated at 550lbs about anything you can imagine, this stuff will do it! Please specify the colors and length you would like after purchasing, I usually have all colors on hand and can have them to you within a week. If I happen to be out of your color, it will be 10-14 days, but that is unlikely and you are welcome to ask before purchase. If you have any others questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Here is the list of pictured slings colors: These sling adjust from 36" - 43" in length. The adjustable strap adjusts 7 ", if you want them to adjust to a different length let me know when ordering. Maxium length I will make these to adjust is to 49".

1. Black & Multi-camo Please also specify what color you want the adjustable strap - Black, Brown, Green, Orange

2. Black & O.D. Green

3. O.D. Green & Multi-camo

4. Coyote & Multi-camo

5. Black & Desert Camo

6. Brown & Desert Camo

7. Black & Charcoel Gray

8. Brown & Hunters Orange

9. Dark Brown & Coyote

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