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Toilet bag

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    Toilet bag

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    Travel soap dish
    Travel toothbrush holder
    2 Combination Locks
    Unscented moist wipes (30 ct.)
    2 Permanent Markers (black)


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Pre-Packed Ditty Bag
Grab and Go! - Pre-packed with everything you need when you travel:
Toothbrush, toothpaste, & mouthwash
Hand sanitizer towelettes & bar soap
Cotton swabs & tissues
Razor, comb, tweezers & nail clippers
Bandages, Moleskin, aspirin, analgesic ointment, & lip balm
Shoe laces & sewing kit
(Contents may vary slightly)
See-through zippered compartments
Tri-fold design with Velcro? closure
Utility hanger allows hassle-free access
Just want the bag? See our 119E
Water resistant polyester fabric
11" (W) x 21" (H) open....7" (H) folded

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